Seller's Resources/ Lenders/Asset Managers

Selling a house is a very difficult job. You want to sell  home as quickly as possible and at its full value. You must also be aware of state & federal laws and how they affect your sale.

This involves a lot of time, effort, and patience, as well as specialized skills and knowledge. When you sell your home or REO, the Real Estate Agent will work for you as a client. You sign a contract with the agent, called a listing contract. The agent then works for you and receives an agreed commission when the property is sold

Although the Real Estate Agent works for you and owes you additional services, the Real Estate Agent must also treat his or her buyer customers fairly. The buyer is generally the customer. There is no contract between the buyer and the Real Estate Agent

For each client, GEM Consultants Co. offers full customization to meet the needs of its clients.  It offers several additional services to meet the needs of its clients for unique circumstances.
Over 250 REO’s with an average of only 32 days on the market, over 5000 ea. - 48hr turnaround BPO’s, In-house loan brokerage, FHA approved, full service, fully staffed office, REO Sales Pro (RSP) - GEM CONSULTANTS considers to be one of the most efficient and successful REO disposition companies in Northern California
REO Sales Pro (RSP) - GEM CONSULTANTS -One and only objective is to provide its clients with consistent, reliable, state-of-the-art service.
·        REO sales and servicing
·        In-house loan brokerage, (FHA approved)
·        Loss mitigation services
·        Property inspections
·        Broker price opinions (BPO- 48 hr turnaround)
·        Re-Key
·        Secure Openings
·        Debris Removal
·        Lawn Maintenance
·        Janitorial Service
·        Winterization
·        Pool Maintenance
·        Repairs
·        Eviction Lockouts
·        Smoke Detector Installs
·        Water Heater Strap Installs
·        Personal Property Removal
·        Emergency Maintenance
·        Rehabilitation/Construction  
OUR PRICIPAL: Gene Yakubovich has been involved in Real Estate in the San Francisco-Bay Area for over 22 years.  He successfully disposes of a difficult to market REO holding through long-term commitments to bringing a property into a marketable condition. Gene will work with its clients and with local real estate brokers to identify solutions and implement them with minimal hassles and expenses for its clients. 
He teaches Real Estate to people who desire to learn the field and become a licensed Real Estate professional in California. In addition, he frequently conduct Real Estate Seminars passing to audience latest trends in Real Estate industry